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Fall: Season of Metal and the Lungs

I went for a hike on the greenbelt this morning and it looked like fall! Still it feels like summer, but the morning air was cool and the ground was speckled with small golden leaves.
In studying the Neijing Classical text I am learning one of the best ways to stay healthy is to live within the seasons. Fall is the season for letting go. Fall represents the Metal element and the Lung organs. This is part of the 5 Element phase cycle. If our Qi is stuck in this cycle it may be because we are not letting go of what is not serving us. I found a great article written by acupuncturist Neil Gumenick called the The Season of Metal Energy.
Gumenick reminds us that humans have the same cycles of ‘creating and letting go’.  In fall the trees let go of their leaves and in fall we need to not hold on and let go. If not, how will we bring in what is new?  Throw out the negativity and grow new positivity.
Some tips for living in harmony with the Fall season:
  • Clear your clutter. Maybe we did this in the spring, but do it again!
  • Take note of your mental frame of mind? Are you thinking negative thoughts and making judgements? Are you still holding on to something in your past? It’s time to let go.
  • Breathe. Deep inhalations and slow exhalations. Imagine what is leaving you as dark grey gunk and inhaling bright white.


By working on the Lung meridian and associated meridians involved acupuncture can help the emotional factors that effect this channel.  Acupuncture and herbal therapy can help with cough, common colds, allergies, bronchial issues asthma.

The Lungs also govern the emotion of grief.  Keep in mind that grief is a natural emotion, but if one is continually feeling depressed and sad it could be associated with the Lung system.



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