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Acupuncture for Weight Loss?

I googled the word acupuncture this morning looking for what is trending in the news. The first article that popped up was  “Try This All-Natural, Painless Treatment to Lose Weight, Boost Metabolism, and Stop Binge Eating”.

If you read the article it paints quite a magical image of an acupuncture treatment. While it is great to have articles out there supporting acupuncture for weight loss I always disagree when articles create a picture that the acupuncturist merely finds a point on your body and poof, you are having a “life altering experience”. Sure, sometimes I see a patient get amazing results like the woman I treated who had abdominal pain for two years. She was constantly bloated after eating and in pain. None of her doctors could find a reason for her pain.  Once I saw her pattern and treated accordingly the abdominal pain went away during the treatment. We were both amazed, but it took time and the pattern emerged slowly through numerous treatments. 

So far in my practice I have not had a patient come to me solely for weight loss. Most of my patients come for pain and as they become regular patients we tackle all sorts of issue from pain management, stress and anxiety, headaches, PMS to constitutional wellness and prevention. Have I seen patients lose weight, curb their binge eating, and improve the diets (and their families)? Oh yes!  The beauty is in that when the body becomes more in balance, we naturally want to make healthier choices. By balance I do mean that the meridians are flowing as they should. Patients eat less sugar , more vegetables, establish an exercise routine, are in nature more, reduce their stress and develop a positive body image.

Essentially, you make the changes for your own health! Fantastic!!!

An acupuncturist will find the appropriate channel regions to treat by pulse diagnosis, asking questions pertaining to Chinese medicine diagnosis, observations and palpation of the channel pathways for starters.

An acupuncture treatment goes beyond the needles and lifestyle advice is certainly important. I like to focus on longevity and living with the seasons. For tips on living with the season of fall go here: Fall: Season of Metal and the Lungs


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