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The Emotions in Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine has it’s own relationship with the emotions and emotional imbalance. Due to the fact that we see emotions as the first progression of a disease pattern, we always look at someone’s emotional state as an important part of their overall health. Before I continue there are a couple of things I’d like you to accept as true. First accept that  each of us are born with an organ out of balance and that it is our life’s karma or work on that system. Second accept that each of the 5 Yin organs has a spiritual quality. Third accept that there is a cycle to this and it’s called the 5 Phases and in a healthy person we flow through these cycles naturally. Disease occurs when we get stuck in a certain phase.

Chinese medicine The seven causes of diseases are grief, worry, fear, anger and hyper excitability (usually called over joy). Each emotion is associated with a different organ as follows:

Grief – Lungs

Worry – Spleen/Pancreas

Fear – Kidney

Anger – Liver

Hyper excitability – Heart

For example, you get pulled over and given a speeding ticket. There are a number of ways that one could react. You could fee really sad, worry about how much the ticket costs, fear that your spouse will be upset, pissed off that you got pulled over or make inappropriate jokes and laugh to the police officer.

Intense emotions can tax our Qi and it’s corresponding organ. I’ve had my own issues when my mother died my first quarter of school. I went through a stage of grief (Lungs). Interesting too because her death happened during the fall the season of the Lungs. Since I was in school I went for weekly Japanese Hari acupuncture treatments. I observed how much better I was able to breathe after each treatment.

From my perspective when intense emotion occurs our Qi weakens and the associated organ weakens leaving a doorway for disease to come in. A teacher once said, disease occurs where we do not inhabit ourselves.

As Chinese Medicine pays close attention to the emotions it can be a great therapy for those that suffer from depression, anger or fear.

How would you use this information a preventative measure?

Come in for major upsets such as a death in the family, a break up with a significant other, losing a job, a car accident or any time of extra stress and anxiety.

Why should I not wait to come in for a treatment?

Acupuncture has the potential to let your own body heal. Through routine visits your body, spirit and mind will begin to do what it is meant to do. If a couple of treatments or monthly visits can prevent someone from pursing and relying on pharmaceutical anti-depressants…well, this is win from my perspective.



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