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Your Initial Consultation for an Acupuncture Treatment

A first time visit to see me as your acupuncturist is called the initial consultation and generally will be a longer appointment than subsequent visits. The initial consultation is a 90 minute appointment allowing for a 30-45 minute intake and 45-60 minutes for your treatment. It consists of a thorough health history, meridian assessment, pulse diagnosis and your main concern for coming to seek acupuncture (insomnia, allergies, back pain,etc).


You may be considering Chinese medicine and acupuncture because you are seeking a holistic approach to your health care. For myself, holistic health care means to look at the whole person from the environment you live in to your daily diet. Many aspects of our life impact our health such as the climate we live in, traumatic emotional events, car accidents, hospitalizations and surgeries, medications, daily diet, work life, and family life. This is why your initial consultation with me is a very informative to developing a Chinese medicine treatment plan for you.


Another assessment is the radial pulse diagnosis. Pulse diagnosis is very specific to Chinese medicine. It’s amazing how much information we can get from a small section of the radial pulse that starts at right below the wrist. Basically, I’m learning about your blood circulation that run with the channels through the pulse. If the circulation is weak, the pulse will feel very faint. If strong the pulse will have a sense of urgency and may have many beats per minute. This also tells me which channel may need the most attention in your treatment.


To assess your channels I look at each of your 12 Meridians. There are 3 on each inner and outer aspect of the arm and leg which totals 12. I look for anything unusual such as a scar, any changes in the skin texture or tone and temperature changes.

The 12 channels are Lung Taiyin, Large Intestine Yangming, Stomach Yangming, Spleen Taiyin, Heart Shaoyin, Small Intestine Taiyang, Urinary Bladder Taiyang, Kidney Shaoyin, Liver Jueyin, Gallbladder Shaoyang, Triple Burner Shaoyang and Pericardium Jueyin. Below is a brief description of how they work.

“Meridian theory assumes that disorder within a Meridian generates derangement in the pathway and creates disharmony along that Meridian, or that such derangement is a result of a disharmony of the Meridian’s  connecting Organ. A disorder in the Stomach Meridian, for example, may cause upper toothache because the Meridian passes through the upper gums, while lower toothaches may be the result of a disorder of the Large Intestine Meridian. Pain in the groin may as easily result from a Liver Meridian disorder as from a disorder of the Liver itself.” The Web That Has No Weaver, Understanding Chinese Medicine


Once the health history  and assessment are complete  we can address your main concern for seeking treatment.  Through your health history, meridian assessment and pulse diagnosis I choose the region and meridian to needle.

Some people feel uneasy being needled for the first time. Mainly because they may relate an acupuncture needle to a hypodermic needle. Acupuncture needles are a much smaller gauge in comparison to a hypodermic needle, are sterilized single use and are discarded into a biohazard container after removed. During treatment needles are left in for approximately 25 minutes for maximum benefit.

After your treatment  I discuss my findings and provide you a consultation of how Chinese medicine will best address your continuing health needs for a longevity.

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