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Cedar Fever is Coming!

It’s that time of year where everyone in Austin is sniffling and sneezing, has itchy eyes and headaches, feels fatigue and lethargy. Welcome to Cedar Season where nature feels like it is assaulting our sinuses. Most of us know that have been living in Austin awhile that Cedar Fever will start in December and last through February. There are a lot of products on the market that will target your symptoms such as antihistamines. Since antihistamines can lose their effectiveness over time, wouldn’t you rather try something else?

images-1When an acupuncturist looks at allergies we evaluate the patient’s Wei Qi.  This kind of Qi is on the most exterior aspect of the body and is translated as Defensive Qi. Ideally, it is best to be in treatment during early fall to boost this protective layer of Qi because it will also help with warding off the common cold and flus. The Wei Qi is also directly related to our lungs. The lungs are the most exterior organ on the body. So when pollen invades through a weak Wei Qi it is the Lung Taiyin system that is affected. Lung Taiyin is interrelated to Large Intestine which goes to the nose. This is why in a treatment points on your hand will be needled for nasal congestion.

unknown-2Acupuncture and herbs are both great for treating the symptoms of Cedar Fever. Many of my patients will get relief within the session going home with relief of nasal congestion, itchy eyes and headaches. This treatment is usually in addition to another part of the treatment such as back pain or sciatica. This is what is so great about acupuncture! We can sometimes treat multiple maladies within one session.

jalanetiThere are some other things you can do for yourself in self care for Cedar Fever. Using a Neti-pot daily is very helpful. The Neti-pot is a practice where the nasal cavity washed to flush out excess mucus and debris from the nose and sinuses. You can buy a Neti-pot at any health food store. Make sure to buy the special salt that comes with it and follow the directions of using the appropriate water and temperature. Doing this practice in the morning and evening will be helpful.

In the meantime come in for weekly treatments to alleviate Cedar Fever symptoms and boost your Wei Qi!  Schedule an appointment today.

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