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This weekend while having dinner with friends someone asked ‘Do you need a specific reason to go for acupuncture?” one person responded yes and another responded no. The answer is no, one does not need a specific reason to seek acupuncture. It’s always useful to know where your health and constition stands from a Chinese medicine perspective.

Most of the time when we seek a holistic health care professional out there is something that is driving us to get help. The bottom line is that people want holistic health to help our for mind, body and spirit not just look at our symptoms, and holistic health is a great tool for preventative care. Take stress for example. Stress can be an underlying cause for disease because it raises cortisol levels. Stress can arise from dealing with chronic pain, family, the Holidays, work and shown to be connected to obesity, heart disease, headaches, IBS, high blood pressure and more.


Why am I bringing up stress in relation to seeing an acupuncturist with no specific reason?  It happened to come to me how often I work with a patient and find that after several treatments they did not realize that they were feeling stress. Considering how stress can affect our life wouldn’t it be great to get a consultation?

How can we as individuals even know what living with out stress feels like if we are always in a state of stress? Seriously, why not learn how your body feels with less in its natural state. At least that way you become aware of what your body is telling you. Everyone holds their stress differently. Some in the shoulders, in the back, or in their digestive system.

The beauty in Chinese medicine is that we are going to process stress all differently and through 5 element theory an acupuncturist can treat that. Myself, I am a worrier. and I hold the stressin my shoulders.  Those of us that worry and over think that means our Earth element is weak. The shoulders are related to a channel that passes throught he digestive system which is called Yangming. Othes may gets angry of small stuff may have excess Wood and get headaches. Too much fear is Water and may have low back pain. Feeling melancholy is Metal. This person may hold stress in how they breathe.  Overjoy is Fire and may talk excessively.


To diagnosis a person’s imbalance of an element I look at the patient’s facial complexion, and pulse diagnosis. I ask the questions, observe their meridian terrain and I talk with the patient how they handle emotions and stress. We want to be able to process emotions smoothly, but more importantly we need to first know and be aware of how we process emotions and stress. If stress points to the underlying imbalance there may or may not  a deeper pattern  brewing deeper in the body. We can’t see it yet or know it’s progression.  This is the bottom line right here…acupuncture can treat what is not yet seen. Now that is prevention right there!

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