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Chinese Medicine offers Therapeutic Support for Recurrent Miscarriage

Recurrent miscarriage  is defined as three or more consecutive pregnancy losses. It can also be called  habitual abortion, or recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL). Chinese Medicine can be a therapeutic option to for recurrent miscarriage. There are quite a few reasons that can contribute to recurrent miscarriage in Western medicine. When Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and herbs) treats recurrent miscarriage we use our diagnosis of Yin and Yang.

First a quick review of the dynamic of Yin and Yang.


Yin is like the roots of the tree. It grows slowly, is dense and is our cooling mechanism. It’s more substance than not. Examples of Yin; the deep ocean, a boulder, the moon and winter.


Yang is the branches and leaves of the tree. It has more chaotic and fiery energy. It is our warming mechanism. We always want to restore and protect Yang because without it our Yin is damaged. Examples of Yang; a raging river, fire, the sun and summer.

We can divide anything into Yin and Yang. There is no Yin without Yang. This means that we can only recognize something is Yin in relation to what is Yang. The first part of understanding a woman’s reproductive is being able to assess what is Yin, what is Yang, which one is out of balance and how that came to be.

Yin controls the first half of the cycle and yang controls the second half. The luteal phase or estrogen-controlled phase of the monthly cycle is represented by Yin, while the follicle or progesterone-controlled phase is represent by Yang.

Let’s take a look at the Yang aspect where progesterone is involved. There are many reasons why recurrent miscarriage can occur, but one that many OBGYN’s will focus on is low progesterone and high estrogen. Chinese Medicine evaluates recurrent miscarriage as Yang deficiency.

How does one lose Yang? Most of the time it is due to cold damage. Sounds pretty strange, huh? Can you believe we have a term called ‘Cold in the Uterus’. Yep. This is how it can happen. Maybe you lived in a very cold climate or swam in very cold water while on your period. Hospitalizations and surgeries. Surgical rooms need to be very cold and the body’s internal organs may be directly exposed to cold.

How Does Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs Help Recurrent Miscarriages?

If we consider low progesterone to be due to cold damage resulting in lack of Yang. Without the Yang, which is the warming mechanism, there is not enough Qi to hold the baby to term.  Other systems also will be effected creating imbalances in the body that will need to be corrected. Through questioning, palpation and pulse diagnosis we narrow in on the problems.

1.Warming Yang through herbs and moxa.

2. Acupuncture to support the imbalances such as supporting the channels that involve Kidneys for the hormones and Pancreas for digestion. If stress is involved, acupuncture will help.

3. If the patient is on progesterone, acupuncture helps relieves some of the side effects such as headache.

4. Lifesyle and nutrition. If the patient needs to rid their life of plastics because plastics contain xenohormones and are estrogen dominant.

  • Solvents and adhesives
  • Meat from conventionally raised livestock (buy organic or at the Farmers Market)
  • Car Exhaust
  • Almost all plastics
  • Petrochemically derived pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides
  • Emulsifiers found in soaps and cosmetics
  • PCD’s from industrial waste

Get a consult today and find out how acupuncture and Chinese herbs can a therapeutic option for pregnancy support!

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