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I’m loving the spaghetti squash right now. With a little research I found that it’s high in vitamin B and potassium. For me, spaghetti squash is healthy substitute for pasta since I am gluten free.

Spaghetti squash is yellow on the outside and inside which correlates to the Earth element in the 5 Element cycle (Fire (red), Earth (yellow), Metal (white), Water (blue), and Wood (green). The Earth relates to our pancreas and digestion. This squash has a low glycemic index so it is could be a good choice for diabetics. It’s harvested in the fall and ready for us in the winter so it’s a great seasonal food.

I find that folks have more aches and pain in the winter. Squash has a warming nature. Add dishes that are also warming and maybe choose to drink ginger tea instead of ice water. (For more on pain click here: PAIN


I wanted to look for a recipe that was simple with  butter. Luckily, I found one with butter and garlic! Yeah! Follow the directions to cook the squash, then simply heat grassfed butter in a skillet, add garlic to taste, parsley and lastly the squash. Now you have a delicious side dish!

I found a recipes where they baked the whole squash. I have not tried this. I cut mine in half, scraped out the seeds, placed in a baking dish with shallow water and baked until soft. I let it cool, then peeled off the skin.

This recipe lets you skip the awkward part of trying to slice that huge squash in half and tells you to put the whole squash on a baking dish and into the oven.

Bake 375F for about an hour. You want to be able to  pierce it easily without resistance with a knife. Let it cool, then slice open and rake out the seeds. Then use your fork and scrape away. It should not be mushy, if so put back in the oven for 10-15 minutes. 

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