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Community Acupuncture and Wellness Check up (Sunday, Feb 26)

Community Acupuncture and Wellness Check-up

Sunday, Feb 26th

2 pm – 5 pm

I’m so happy to be announcing my first community event in Southwest Austin. This will be a unique collaboration of Western and Eastern medicine coming together to serve our community with a low cost option for health care.  I will be having community acupuncture clinics on a regular basis, but with a focused treatment. The first one will be on scar treatments.

Why is the acupuncture focused on scars?

Basically scars block channel flow. It’s one of the first things I do in a treatment is to ‘clear’ the scars and then see how the body reacts. Meaning did that scar in that particular channel have anything to do with the patients symptoms.

In Chinese Medicine theory there are channels in the body that are related to energy (Qi) and blood flow or circulation. When a scar is formed it has the potential to block channel flow. It’s possible that the blockage in the channel has created unwanted symptoms. If you have a scar from either surgery or an accident you may consider having a scar treatment by an acupuncturist. Examples of surgical scars include: C- section, hip replacement surgery, Morton’s Neuroma, back surgery, shoulder surgery, appendix removal, gallbladder removal, etc.

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What is the Wellness Check-Up?

I teamed up with Anna Pena RN, BSN, CCM. The Wellness Check will include: weight, BMI, blood pressure, diabetes risk assessment and education.

How much for the treatment and check up?

We are offering this at $30.

What should I expect when I arrive?

Expect to fill out some medical forms. First stop will be the Wellness Check up (about 20 minutes). Second is the scar treatment which will be 25 minutes. Overall each person will be there on average of one hour.

Should I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment by calling me at 512-695-5222. You are also welcome to walk in. There will be a sign up sheet and you can come back at your allotted time.

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