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Can Acupuncture Help my Sex Life?

Folks are definitely interested in knowing if acupuncture can help their sex lives. I want to tell you first, that no needles are inserted in the private parts to help. That may seem funny, but it is often asked so I thought I would just get that out of the way. Since Chinese Medicine theory is based on bringing the body back in to balance, I truly believe that acupuncture treatments help with the health of our sexuality.

Before I start this discussion, let us agree that sexual dysfunction can vary from person to person. Maybe one person is experiencing hormonal shifts, another is coming into a new phase of their lives becoming more open to the sexual world around them, or another dealing with deep-rooted trauma. Maybe one person wants to achieve higher libido for their partner and another wants to curb their high libido because it distracts them in their daily life. For men there is erectile dysfunction and women there is vaginal dryness. The beauty of Chinese Medicine theory and acupuncture is that it can help with all of these aspects of sexuality, however, treatments vary. Meaning, it could be a year-long process for one person while another will feel a change in just two treatments.

Recently, I had a conversation with a clinical sexologist who shared some of her case studies. In her experience, we get into our heads so much that we do not feel the rest of our bodies. Acupuncture is a mind, body, and spirit medicine. If you treat the body, you are directly affecting the mind and spirit. For an acupuncturist, this could be a symptom of too much Qi in the head. If there is too much Qi in the head, there is not enough Qi down below rooting it. I want to root their Qi back down, to ground the person and help them become a being of full awareness.

Discovering the root reason can take time. For one of her patients, it was relationships in the past—memories that got stuck and formed their impressions as an adult. All of us have this I suppose, but some struggle and others thrive. For those who struggle, we want to help release the mechanism that holds them. I do this slowly because the patient needs to be able to process the changes.

I also acknowledge that these are not the only symptoms presenting. A careful history of physical symptoms from head to toe will also reveal where the patient’s imbalance is, and even support the theory of which system is creating the imbalance. This is what I love about acupuncture! We treat one thing and the whole system responds. How can you not love that?

I will close with the main channel that passes through the genitals. It is the Lower Jueyin Liver Channel. There is even a point, Liver 5 Li-Guo, which means Wormwood Channel. If you feel up the inner aspect of the tibia there will be a groove. That is the point. It’s indication is to help with persistent erection.

As you can see below, the Liver Channel encircles the genitals. Since the channel runs from the toe to the head, I can assess the Liver Channel up and down the body. Symptoms arising from this channel are irritability, anger, floaters in the eyes, and flank pain. Things to look for along the channel are: nodules, scars, any skin changes, etc. Other channels could affect the genitals, but the Liver Channel is the one I would look at first.

I hope this helps show a bit of what I can offer you as an acupuncturist. Please contact me for a free 20-minute phone consultation to see if an acupuncture treatment is right for you!

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