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Incorporating Acupuncture in Your Pre & Post Surgical Care

Did you know that as your acupuncturist I can assist you in preparing for surgery? Acupuncture offers the patient nutritional and emotional support for pre and post surgery. Many surgeries now are not invasive, but some are very invasive and cause a lot of trauma, such as total knee replacement or hip replacement surgery. Acupuncture can help in recovering from total knee replacement and hip replacement surgery. These kinds of surgeries are intense and they cause trauma to the body. From nutrition, wound care, and emotional stress, acupuncture is there every step of the way.



If you are having a planned surgery, I suggest that prior to one month before surgery, start changing your diet to be nutrient dense. It’s important to set these habits prior to surgery so that everything you need is right there in your home afterwards. New medications such as a blood thinners may be given to you, and your doctor will tell you not to change your diet. Forgo all the sugar, dairy products, and processed foods, and replace them with fresh vegetables and organic proteins. Hearty bone broth soups are a must. Raw herbs can be prescribed and added to the soup to boost blood and Qi. Raw herbal formulas used for aiding digestion can be prescribed and drank as a tea. Basically, you want to build the immune system up. Go here to read about Boosting Immunity.

Always consider your current health and if you have any other conditions (such as cardiovascular), or if you are on medications. As your acupuncturist, I will go over what foods are appropriate for you and help you find resources in your community. 


Emotional Stress

If you are getting regular acupuncture treatments, you may experience less stress before surgery. Post surgery it may get frustrating being stuck at home, dealing with the pain, and not being mobile. Once home, it might not be possible to get to get to my office, but I can give you some tools to help with the stress such as Qigong exercises, ear seeds that press on pressure points, and Chinese Herbal Medicine.


Wound Care

Chinese Medicine offers an array of herbal formulas that target trauma. There are also topical applications to help with bruising. I would not prescribe these to you without a full understanding of your surgery and your current medications. Once your scar is healed, I can perform scar therapy to reduce adhesions. You may also need to speak to your doctor about incorporating Chinese Medicine into your health care.

Learn more about scar therapy here: Scar Therapy


Home Health Care Visits

If you live in southwest Austin, we can create a home health care plan for me to visit you in your home.


Free Consultation

Don’t forget that I give free, 20-minute phone consultations. If you or a loved one is planning a surgery, get in touch and make an appointment: 512-695-5222.




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