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Can Acupuncture Help My Child?


Not many folks take their child to an acupuncturist, but pediatric acupuncture can be a great help to any child’s health issue(s). Using acupuncture methods specific for pediatrics, I’ve treated my patients’ children for pain, emotional issues, digestion problems, snoring, and trauma. It always amazes me to see how fast and effective acupuncture treatments are for kids, and with very few needles. My training in Japanese Hari gives me a variety of tools for children that do not involve using needles or non-insertion needling. It’s quite effective! Please go here for more info on Japanese Hari.

Here is a case study I’d love to share with y’all…

A patient brought in her 9-year-old boy to be treated along with her. I would treat the boy prior to, and after the mother. Nine is quite an inquisitive age. I encouraged the boy to ask questions and learn about health as I treated his mother, usually adding how great green vegetables are for one’s health. (Gotta help mom out, right?)

“Michael” had a bad fall that resulted in a concussion. He had to spend two days in the hospital because they were worried he had a traumatic brain injury, resulting in his having to go under anesthesia. When Michael came to me, he was having a constant low grade headache and difficulty sleeping. I asked him to point where it hurt, and he pointed to the back of his head.

My plan was to do light, quick needling in two spots along the occiput. Quick needling is a method where the acupuncturist inserts the needle and quickly withdraws it. I noticed that for a 9-year-old, Michael’s upper and mid back was tight, so I opted to do light cupping as well. Instead of leaving the cups on for 8 to 10 minutes, I left them on for less than a minute. The treatment lasted about 10 minutes, and most of it was spent palpating to find the best regions to needle.

This simple treatment was successful in relieving his headaches. Michael and his mom continued to see me over the next couple of months. Michael’s problem with sleeping resolved quickly. His mom reported happily that his behavior was improving at home and at school.

Michael was able to resolve his headache and insomnia with no pharmaceuticals, and the cost was only $40 a treatment. Also, Michael enjoyed coming to the acupuncture treatments. I encourage all my patients to come with their child when they can.

Please call me anytime for a free consultation if you think your child would benefit from acupuncture.

You can also bring your child to my monthly community clinic. The next date is Sunday, April 23rd, 2 pm–6 pm at 3421 William Cannon Drive #145 at Optimal Wellness and Chiropractic. This is a low-cost clinic; anyone under 16 years old gets treated for $20.


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