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Meet Drea Pacot LAc

Many people ask me what brought me to becoming an acupuncturist. My history was not in medicine, but in the arts. I was, and still am, a flamenco dancer. For a time I taught classes, directed a group and made flamenco dance costumes. During that time I was married and also trying to conceive. I ended up having a miscarriage and my good friend bought me a treatment with her acupuncturist. I went and  the experience was life changing for me in my health as well as my spirit. Soon I decided to move on from my career as a dancer to becoming an acupuncturist.

In my first semester of school in Berkely, CA my mother unexpectedly passed away. I dropped out of school to take time to grieve, but I continued to get treatments to help me with the grief.  The treatments I favored with the Japanse style. I felt supported emotionally because the acupuncturist was in the room treating me the whole hour instead of leaving the room. I began to take professional courses outside of school once I transferred to  Austin (AOMA).

I felt I wanted more form Chinese medicine because I was drawn to treating patients with complex conditions. I did not feel Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is taught at the schools, was giving me those tools. As a student I felt disheartened and frustrated. I was ready to move on and become a web designer! One more chance, I thought and I signed up to hear a lecture from Edward Neal, MD about Classical Chinese Medicine (Neijing Classical Acupuncture). I was blown away and relieved. I signed up for his year long course and am now an advanced student of the program.

Learning Clasical Chinese Medicine, which is a life long journey, has given me so much insight into health and well being. Sometimes I feel most of us simply touch the surface. For example, how much do you think about living in harmony with the seasons? Or how often do you reflect on your on emotional health? My point I want to make is that Chinese Medicine is more than needles.


Licensed Acupuncturist #AC01703

NCCAOM Board Certified


Masters of Oriental Medicine, AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine, Austin, Texas 2015

Bachelors of Science, University of California, Davis 1996


Japanese Hari Certification with Sensei Kuwahara, Austin, Texas 2012

Classical Neijing Acupuncture Certification under Dr. Edward Neal MD, LAc, Austin, Texas 2014–2015

Canonical Chinese Medicine Training™ Diplomate Program (DCCM™) — Shang Han Lun & Jin Gui Yao Lue
(TBA December 2017)

Bodywork and Qigong

Certified Inner Radiance Qigong Instructor

Medical Qigong

250 hours training in Thai Massage, Spirit Winds School of Massage, Nevada City


Hobbies and Interests: Flamenco dance, hiking, nutritional cooking


As a fitness and health professional, I highly recommend Drea. Her intuition and knowledge from even our first session keeps me coming back for the mentally feel good results and physically noticeable difference in my body. Thanks for being awesome and see you soon.
Drea has been my acupuncturist for two years. I first started seeing her for back pain and now I see her regularly for whole health and wellness. Not only does she have the warmest personality, but is extremely knowledgeable about Chinese medicine. My six-year-old son and husband have also been patients of hers.
Noel Busch

Noel Busch

UT Professor
Drea did some amazing work on my back. I basically went from a pain level of 10, down to a level of 0 overnight! It was a magical experience! Thank you so much, Ms. Pacot!!!
Jorge Dahnke

Jorge Dahnke

Just a few visits were a real help to me. Drea was thorough, and researched my symptoms between visits. She offered very helpful information to me!
Mary Partridge

Mary Partridge