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Boosting Immunity

Boosting Your Immunity

More often, we are hearing how antibiotics are becoming less effective while new bacterial and fungal infections are becoming stronger. This inspired me to include a page regarding boosting immunity. For example, MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is a bacterium responsible for several difficult-to-treat infections often acquired in hospitals. Recently, Candida auris—a new fungal infection—has shown up in the United States, and all antifungal medications to this particular pathogen in some other countries are now ineffective (most notably, Japan, where it was first discovered in 2009). In fact, the use of a broad-spectrum antibiotic is listed as a risk factor for a C. auris infection in a hospital/nursing home setting, according to the Center for Disease Control website.

Therefore, it’s increasingly more important that patients learn how to live through the seasons and maintain/support their immunity, so that antibiotics are only used for emergencies (and in their entirety)—as this is how they were designed to be used.

Maintain and Boost Your Immunity

Eat well. Eat meals made with fresh vegetables, preferably organic and locally grown. Eat fruits and vegetables that are in season. Eggs, meat, and poultry should be organic, too. By supporting your local farmer’s market, this will be easy to do!

Cook with ginger, garlic, turmeric, and fresh herbs. All of these foods are also medicinals.

Make a habit of cooking with a bone broth to make soups.

Stay away from processed foods, white flour, dairy, and sugar.

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Move and breathe well. Engage in moderate exercise like yoga, walking, Tai Chi, or Qigong.

Sleep well. Get eight hours of sleep. Check to see if you wake rested or tired. Keep electronics out of the bedroom and refrain from using a computer or smartphone two hours prior to bedtime.

Use Immune-Boosting Supplements and Teas.  My tip for this is to visit your local health food store and simply purchase the supplements that are on sale. Personally, I like Wellness Formula because it contains Chinese herbs, but Echinacea is also great as a tea or a tincture. Use raw ginger to make fresh ginger tea.

Stress is not helpful for your immune system. Start thinking before the cold and flu season starts on how you can reduce stress in your daily life. Breathe deeply everyday.

Here is a blog on stress called Stress!

Notice your First Symptoms of a Cold or Flu. Become mindful of how you feel day to day. Do not ignore your body if you suddenly feel tired, do not sleep well, have a headache, or become irritable. These may be subtle, initial symptoms of a cold or flu.