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Neijing Classical Acupuncture

Classical Neijing Acupuncture or Classic Chinese Medicine (CCM) dates back as far as  220 A.D. The common classics come from comprehensive texts such as  Huang Di Nei Jing 皇帝內經 (Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic), the Nan Jing 難經 (Classic of Difficulties) and the Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing 神 農 本 草 經 (Divine Farmer’s Herbal Classic) and the Shang Han Lun 傷寒論 (Treatise on Cold Damage).

The Neijing is the foundation of Chinese Medicine. It is a comprehensive text that is dated back to 2,000 years. That is just finding the texts which means the information and the study to comprise this ancient medical information was happening many years before that. They did not separate the body from the environment and our climate. In effect, we are part of nature. That is the beauty of Classical Chinese Medicine.

I study yearly with Edward Neal, MD and am an now advanced study. Through my Neijing studies, I am continuously training to restore the body back to balance.