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Sexual Health

Sexual Health

When I decided to call my practice a Family Acupuncture entity, I had no idea that sexual issues would be such a focus among patients. With this revelation, I began to attend related lectures and seminars wherever I could to offer more support for certain patients. I have now dedicated part of my practice to providing such awareness. It is my hope that because sexual health is so important to some, that I can be a part of their healing process and growth.

Women and men naturally have different issues when it comes to health. However, there is one issue that either sex can suffer from: childhood sexual abuse. This is always a sensitive subject and important to address. It’s unfortunate, but sexual abuse is rampant in the US. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can be part of the healing.

Women’s Sexual Health

Some of the main concerns I hear from women are painful sex, difficulty in achieving orgasm, and vaginal dryness. It’s not necessary to have a problem to have a sexual health consultation along with your treatment. Self care and awareness is important. From Qigong exercises to Yoni Eggs, and from diet and lifestyle to suggested readings, get support along with your acupuncture treatments.

Men’s Sexual Health

Acupuncture is touted as a great adjunct therapy for erectile dysfunction, but there is so much more Traditional Chinese Medicine can offer in male sexual health. One of the biggest concerns I see beside ED, is porn addiction and excessive libido in my male patients. All of these issues can be very difficult for the single or partnered man.