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Menopause, Nourishing the Feminine Yin plus Pelvic Health with the Jade Egg

Menopause, Nourishing the Feminine Yin plus Pelvic Health with the Jade Egg

Saturday Feb. 4th, 11:30 – 1:30 pm

Location: Private Southwest Location

Please register for location by emailing me at or calling 512-695-5222.

Have you ever asked yourself….”How should I live to have a smooth and uneventful menopause?”

Perimenopausal symptoms can include hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, vaginal dryness and atrophy. Most will seek help from an alternative health care person when the symptoms occur with never have given a thought that our lifestyles leading up to menopause could greatly influence our natural transition of womanhood.

Do you pee when you sneeze? Do you struggle with vaginal dryness? What about low libido?

The Jade Egg may be a simple self care tool that can help with all of these. Part of this special presentation will be introducing you to the Jade Egg. It’s my belief that every woman should have one! (See photo below of Jade Egg).

During the course of this two hour talk I will give you information about Yin Yang theory, the 5 Emotions, Living in Accordance with the 4 Seasons of Nature and Nourishing Your Feminine Yin and maintaining a healthy vibrant sex life.

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Community Acupuncture and Wellness Day

Community Acupuncture and Wellness Day

Sunday February 19th, 2017  2 pm – 5 pm

Treating Scars with Acupuncture

Community Style Acupuncture and Wellness Check Up with a Nurse Practitioner

Location: 3421 W William Cannon Dr #145, Austin, TX 78745 (Optimal Wellness and Chiropractic)

Fee: $30

Acupuncturist Drea Pacot LAc and Anna Pena RN, BSN, CCM.

This will be a focused clinic to treat scars from injuries or surgeries.

In Chinese Medicine theory there are channels in the body that are related to energy (Qi) and blood flow or circulation. When a scar is formed it has the potential to block channel flow. It’s possible that the blockage in the channel has created unwanted symptoms. If you have a scar from either surgery or an accident you may consider having a scar treatment by an acupuncturist. Examples of surgical scars include: C-section, hip replacement surgery, Morton’s Neuroma, back surgery, shoulder surgery, appendix removal, gallbladder removal, etc.